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Shobukan Karate Organisation. UK.

The Organisation was founded in 1974 By Mr P.A.J.Handyside in March,  At Our Lady and St Gerards, in Lostock Hall in the Main School Hall, every Saturday from 12 until 4, it was really started as a Private Dojo to help both Mr Handyside and and a few others Eddie Roe, Jim Roe, A Aspden, F Cross, M Ellithorn the founder Student's of the Red Sun. as an extension of there training, but like everything good, people started to come and ask if they could Join in, it became the RISING SUN, but had to change the name due to a club within a 5 mile radius already had that name, So Mr Handyside changed the name to the Red Sun Karate Club. A Name carried by two clubs running to this day, Red Sun Coppull, again Founded by Mr Handyside, now run By Peter L Bibby 5th Dan, and the Red Sun Wigan, run now by Mr Chris Ratcliffe 6th Dan. ( Sho Bu Kan ) Translated Means, Summon Warrior  Feeling, Four Styles are Taught within the Foundation of ShoBuKan, Shotokan of which Shihan Holds 8th Dan, Budokan 8th Dan, Jujitsu and Aikido. He has been teaching since 1973. But started training March 1963. Now with 53 Years of Learning the Art under his Belt, he still feels there is more to Learn. And like his nature, listens to what other styles have to offer. By attending course, under Mr S Rowe 8th Dan Wado ryu, and a Master in the Chinese Art's,

AND ONE OF THE FEW  I CLASS AS A FRIEND. Also Alfie Lewis, Simon keegan, and Chris Ratcliffe. Mr M Winstanley and Mr P L Bibby.

In fact all Martial artist's I have meet in my Life, Including Terry Steward, Dicky Wu, Steve Rowe.